Our Mission Statement

Being aware of the love of God in our lives, we, the congregation of Stockbridge Parish Church, as part of the world church, seek to meet together in worship, to demonstrate faith in God in our everyday lives; to reach out to others, showing God's love and compassion; and to raise awareness of matters of justice locally and globally.

Church Structure

Stockbridge Parish Church is a congregation of the Church of Scotland. The Church of Scotland is the National Church in Scotland and is Presbyterian in government. This means that at local level, the congregation is looked after by a Kirk Session.

The Kirk Session is made up of 8 elders and the Minister. 

Together they are responsible for the life of the congregation, the pastoral care of its members, and the outreach to the local community. The elders act as a link with the other members of the congregation.

At regional level, the Minister and one elder from the Kirk Session attend the Edinburgh Presbytery which comprises ministers and elders from other Edinburgh churches.

Each May, one quarter of all ministers and elders in Scotland meet together in General Assembly. The General Assembly makes major decisions about the National life and strategy of the Church and comments on major social and political issues of the day.

More details about the structure of the Church of Scotland can be found here.​​