The church choir offers a welcome singers of every level to support the worship in the church. They lead the singing of the hymns, offer choral items of music during worship, as well as leading the special services. They have also regularly appeared in concerts with the Stockbridge and New Town Community Orchestra. The picture above shows some of the choir members making a recording for a student project.

The choir is supported by Esther Chuang, who is orginally from Taiwan. Esther is a singer, pianist and assistant organist. After a music degree in England she completed a Masters in Music Therapy at Queen Margaret University. She participates as a choir member and offers vocal training to choir members.

During the Covid lockdown the choir was not able to practise or lead the Sunday services. However they were able to get together virtually and prepare music for the broadcast services. You can listen to these in the service recordings or as separate items here:

Kyrie eleison

Oh Lord hear my prayer

Thuma mina

Adding your voice

We are always looking for new voices, whether in person or virtually! Post-pandemic we are currently operating with smaller numbers and would be happy to invite any and all to join us on Sundays to participate in the Stockbridge Church Choir! 

We can add voices to the Sunday broadcasts using computer software. Esther has prepared a document to explain how this is done which you can download here and a warm up video session on YouTube so that you can get your voice ready to sing. Enjoy!