Number 7

What is Number 7?

Number 7 is a community space run by Stockbridge parish church that is here for you to use. Located at 7 Raeburn place in Stockbridge, it is a great venue for meetings and community projects as well as to simply pop in and enjoy a coffee.

Number 7 is also the home of our community worker who is always willing to listen to your ideas, bug-bears and passions, all in the name of making Stockbridge a fantastically supportive, welcoming, and vibrant place. 

Like us on Facebook @Number7Church to get more details on our opening times and events or contact our community worker on or even simply pop into Number 7.

News from Number 7

Published by Alex Johnson on Mon, 20 Apr 2020 10:44
News: Number 7

Join us every Wednesday evening at 7pm on Zoom to meet together and discuss the Bible reading that inspired the Sunday sermon. Come along to grow your faith and get to know othe...

Published by John Cowie on Tue, 11 Sep 2018 13:57
News: Number 7

Every Sunday Stockbridge is host to something very very popular, well other than our church services obviously, and that is the Stockbridge market. ...

Number 7 Events

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