Edinburgh Fringe 2019

In 2019 we were happy to host 18 unique and diverse  performers, with a total of 71 shows.

Bambino Beats:
Summertime Boogie Under the Sea

10:30, 12:30, 14:30 (1hr)
2nd - 10th August 2019 
Ticket price:  £6/£5   

Bambino Beats are back to take you on a Summertime Boogie... this time, Under the Sea! We'll be going swimming with the little fish, bobbing up and down with the ducks and catching all the nippy crabs as we meet all the creatures of our magical ocean. Watch out though... there may be sharks!

Ayman Jarjour:
Syrian Guitarist

13:00, 3rd August 2019 (1hr)
Ticket price:  £10  

Music with Middle Eastern, Latin American, European and African flavours. Ayman studied in Syria, Spain and Juilliard. He has performed worldwide in places ranging from Carnegie Hall in New York to refugee camps in Lebanon.

The Left-Handed Piano:
Concert in Mirror-Image

12:30, 5th - 9th August 2019 (1hr)
Ticket price:  £10/£8  

Beethoven's Sonata Op 109 and Schubert's Drei Klavierstücke D 946 performed on a unique backwards fortepiano (high notes to the left), plus 16 Brahms Waltzes the right way round! 20th Anniversary Concert Series.

Soft Shoe Skiffle Band

19:00, 6th - 7th August 2019 (1hr 20min)
Ticket price:  £14/£12   

Back at the Fringe again after a gap of a few years for another trip down memory lane. Hear again hits from the 50s and 60s like: Putting on the Style, Tom Dooley, Singing the Blues, My Old Man's a Dustman, Nobody's Child, It Doesn't Matter Anymore, Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour and more, with some folk songs like: Wild Mountain Thyme, Wild Rover, and Dirty Old Town; a bit of fun and a great night out.

A Bohemian Fairytale

19:30, 9th August 2019   (1hr)
16:00 & 19:30, 10th August 2019   (1hr)
Ticket price:  £10  

Follow us down the rabbit hole to discover heroes and villains, witches and more in The Bohemians’ take on a classic theme. This magical show will take you on a journey that deals not only with the light side of fairy tales, but also with the uncertainty and fear that goes hand in hand with happiness and joy. Featuring songs from Shrek, Witches of Eastwick, Brave and many more where everyone lives happily ever after.

Wriggle Around the World

10, 12-13, 15-20, 22-24th August 2019   (35min)
Times Vary - Click here to view dates & times
Ticket price:  £8/£5   

Sell-out show returns! A fun, interactive and educational classical violin and cello concert for babies and toddlers where wriggling is allowed! The programme includes music from around the world and the story of the Gingerbread Man.

Sail Away!

10-13, 15-17, 19-20, 22-24th August 2019   (35min)
Times Vary - Click here to view dates & times
Ticket price:  £8/£5   (35min)

A fun, interactive and educational classical violin and cello concert for babies and toddlers where wriggling is allowed! A programme of water-themed music and the story of The Lucky Toy Soldier.

Devon Knows How They Make It So Musical!

19:00, 11th August 2019 (1hr)
Ticket price:  Free   

Join us for a magical, marvellous hour of songs from your favourite movie musicals including Les Misérables, The Greatest Showman and some Disney classics. Travelling to Edinburgh from deepest, darkest Devonshire, Take Note Community Choir have been bringing joy and enthusiastic singing to audiences for nine years and have enjoyed tours in West Sussex and Chinon, France. Take Note are joined by Italia Conti Academy undergraduate Emily Searle, who will be showcasing some of the world's finest musical theatre songs.

The Piano Men

12:30, 12th August 2019 (1hr)
Ticket price:  £13.50/£11   

Why is it when we think of the piano it is always men at the forefront? 'Sing us a song, you're the piano man...' Elton John, Billy Joel, Ben Folds, Tim Minchin: But where are the piano women? An exploration into the unknown stories of historic women pianists, from a successful Australian piano woman, Emma Knights. 'Talent just oozes from her fingers' ***** (SamAboutTown.com). 'The Piano Men is a beautifully classy show' ****½ (Glam Adelaide)

CACW – Cony's Collection

17:30 12th & 13th August 2019 (up to 4hrs)
13:30 & 17:00 14th August 2019 (up to 4hrs)
17:30 16th August 2019 (up to 4hrs)
Ticket price:  Free   

Contemporary Artists Competitive Week (CACW) – Cony’s Collection is an international platform for all kinds of art for young artists to show and express freely. Including theatre, music, video, fine arts, traditional arts, experimental arts all in one week. Highlights include physical performances from UAL (University of Arts London): L’illusionniste and Waiting in Schrodinger’s Box.

‘The Köln Concert’ Concert

19:00, 15th August 2019  (1hr 30min)
Ticket price:  £12/£10/£5   

Dorian Ford, internationally acclaimed jazz pianist, performs Keith Jarrett's brilliant 1975 iconic improvisation. It’s jazz, but not improvised. It’s a recital, but with grooves, riffs and song form chord changes. Like jazz and rock, but with no swing time or vocals. Ford’s aim is to reconcile equals and opposites: left brain/right brain, classical/jazz, composition/improvisation, preparation/spontaneity, Apollonian/Dionysian.

Ah, Ye Gods, What Power You Have Given to Beauty!

13:00, 16th August 2019  (1hr)
Ticket price:  £8/£6   

Come and hear a lunchtime recital with music written by strong women as well as arias about the power of women. The programme includes songs by Clara Schumann, Liza Lehmann, Franz Schubert and some favourite opera arias by Mozart and Saint-Saëns.

Bessy Bass Band's Munchtime Music!

13:00, 17th & 24th  August 2019   (1hr)
Ticket price:  £10/£8  

Come and join Bessy and friends in their new lunchtime chamber music concerts for children! Bring along your own picnic and munch your lunch as Bessy and friends serenade you in our fun presented concert! Hear a wide range of musical styles, expect surprises and meet the instruments and their musicians!

Kim Edgar

19:30, 17th August 2019  (1hr 30min)
Ticket price:  £12/£10/£5  

Described as Scotland's ‘very own Tori Amos’ (Sunday Herald) and ‘a heady cocktail of Carole King and Regina Spektor’ (SpiralEarth.co.uk), Kim’s performances are noted for their intimacy and intensity. Hear brand new songs alongside favourites from her acclaimed solo albums, Stories Untold (2016), The Ornate Lie (2012) and Butterflies and Broken Glass (2008), performed on grand piano, acoustic guitar and voice. ‘Moving, literate, allusive and expressively sung’ ***** (Scotland on Sunday)

Joy Arts: Greetings from China! 

18:00 18th August 2019 (1hr) 
Ticket price:  Free 

A special performance of dance, drama and music, by students from China's mountain city-Chongqing, China. Our little performers have appeared on international stages many times. This year we bring folk songs adapted from Chinese ancient poetry, Chinese opera, English drama and more.  You can't miss this!

La Sonnambula

19:00, 22nd - 25th  August 2019  (1hr)
Ticket price:  £12   

1955 has been slow at sleepy Dunroamin Hotel. The wedding of the owner’s daughter is nigh. She has stolen her fiancé from the minister's daughter who has taken to drink. In turn, she schemes to sully the bride-to-be’s reputation by enlisting the returning laird as her secret weapon.  For the eighth year running, Aria Alba-Opera for All bring their operatic re-imagining to the Fringe in the form of Bellini’s La Sonnambula! Your invitation to the ceilidh awaits...

Afternoon Organ Recital with Marion Lees McPherson

13:00, 23rd  August 2019  (1hr)
Ticket price: £8/£6   

Marion Lees McPherson, organist of Stockbridge Parish, presents a programme of German and French music.

A Night at the Musicals With Thomas Cameron

18:00, 26th August 2019  (1hr)
Ticket price:  £15/£12    

Thomas Cameron is a Classic Brit Award-nominated tenor, whose vibrant voice has been described as having velvet-like qualities.  Join Thomas and his pianist for a breathtaking performance of his Classic Brit Award-nominated and BBC featured debut album, including his first single Bring Him Home, the well loved Moon River and some interpretations of the biggest hits from Coldplay, Paloma Faith and more!

Coloured Up 

10:00 - 16:00, 12th August - 28th August 2019 

An exhibition of unique screen prints...abstract, bold and colourful that will excite and enrich by Tina Kypriadis. This event is held in Number 7 - a community space run by Stockbridge Parish Church at 7 Raeburn Place, Edinburgh EH4 1HU.